Salinity Management Guide
National Water Research Institute
Southwest Membrane Operator Association
Multi-State Salinity Coalition



Salt Management Study Update

Partners: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, US Bureau of Reclamation

Purpose: Update the following: (a) 1998 salinity management action plan; (b) USBR salinity economics impact mode; and (c) Southern California groundwater salt balance determination. Click here for more information.

White Paper on Ocean Brine Disposal

PI: Michael Welch, Consultant

Purpose: Summarize scientific and regulatory issues associated with ocean brine disposal, as well as recommend strategies to ensure the continued use of ocean outfalls as a disposal option for brine.  Seawater, recycled water, and brackish water desalination brines will be considered.

Evaluation of Alternatives to Water Softeners

PI: Peter Fox, Arizona State University

Partners: WateReuse Foundation and County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

Purpose: Develop performance and cost data for the most promising alternative technologies that either soften hard water or reduce the scaling effects of hard water without a net increase of total dissolved solids in wastewater.

Automatic Water Softener Removal Rebate Program

PI:  Craig Proctor, Inland Empire Utilities Agency

Partners:  Inland Empire Utilities Agency, National Water Research Institute, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Purpose: Develop a regional education and rebate program for the voluntary removal of residential self-regenerating water softeners in the Chino Basin area.