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Southern California Regional Brine-Concentrate Management Study - Phase I

The Southern California Regional Brine-Concentrate Management Study was a collaborative effort between the Bureau of Reclamation and 14 agencies, including the Southern California Salinity Coalition (SCSC), who identified the management of brine-concentrate as significant in addressing Southern California’s water supply reliability.

The management of brine-concentrate faces economic, environmental, and regulatory hurdles to developing ocean and brackish groundwater supplies and recycling water, as these lower quality waters often require the use of membrane or other treatment technologies that produce brine or concentrate waste streams. This waste is classified as an industrial waste and can face regulatory limitations on disposal. Currently, the most common practice for disposal is the use of brinelines and ocean outfalls. However, as the amount of brine-concentrate waste increases, several implementation, regulatory, and institutional issues present complex challenges to agencies.

This study examined the different challenges that affect brine-concentrate management, resulting in the following six reports and Executive Summary: